Vegan Pizza by Pizza Hut

If you are a pizza enthusiast, you must have heard about the Pizza Hut. Well, to be precise, the Pizza Hut is the biggest chain of pizzas in the United States of America and has been known for many pioneering actions in the pizza industry. Keeping up with the trend, they have decided to introduce a plant-based sausage pizza for inspiring a vegan menu in their stores. So, trying to cope up with the vegan trend, they are planning to introduce various plant-based pizzas and burgers in their menus, which have started with a plant-based sausage meat pizza. But the catch is that this pizza will not be available everywhere and will be served as an experiment in a local store in Arizona for a single day.

The collaboration of Pizza Hut with Kellogg’s

This particular plant-based meat sausage pizza has been inspired by the Vegan diet and is collaboration between Kellogg’s and Pizza Hut. Recently, the Twitter handle of Kellogg’s farms has declared that they have teamed up with Pizza Hut to pioneer and create a vegan pizza, which will be the stepping stone for many other vegan products to come.

Other Fast Food Giants following Vegan Menu

However, this is not a new trend as many other fast-food giants have been selling vegan items on their menu for quite a few days now. For instance, McDonald’s has been incorporating various vegan burgers in their menu in European countries but did not put them in the American rosters.

The reaction of the Masses

This move has been greeted by lots of animal activists who campaign for popularity in the vegan diet. Keeping up with the trend, Pizza Hut has surely put a stepping stone for the entire vegan industry, and it is quite natural that many other competitors and counterparts of the fast-food industry are going to follow the footsteps of Pizza Hut.

Consequences of a Vegan Menu

Well, everything said, each coin has two faces, and in this move, Pizza Hut has also put various things at stake. Well, firstly, the most important thing is the taste. Pizza Hut is a well-known brand that has never compromised on the taste and quality of their products, and now, with this new vegan pizza, they will have to play their cards very carefully, or they will land up in a big mess.

The reaction by Industry Experts

However, many industrialists and fast-food experts feel that this is a clever move from the senior leadership at Pizza Hut, and this move will surely bring some fear into the competitors and counterparts of Pizza Hut, such as Dominos Pizza, Papa John’s, Subway and other such fast food joints.

Round Pizza Boxes

One thing which surely has attracted our attention along with this vegan pizza is Pizza Hut’s decision to market the round boxes, instead of the square ones for their deliveries. From ancient times, square boxes were used for the pizzas, and it leads to a high wastage of paper and other industrial waste. To put a hold on to such industrial wastes, Pizza Hut has decided to change the square boxes to round ones, which will save much more amount of paper and will lead to lesser pollution.

So, to conclude it all, it is surely a matter of the fact that the decision to launch a vegan pizza will be met with many happy faces. But, time will be the last one to decide whether this pizza is a success or not. Well, be it a success or failure, Pizza Hut has played a masterstroke and has put an immense amount of pressure on its counterparts to follow up.