Mountain Mike’s to be reopened soon

Mountain Mike’s Paradise Restaurant was left in ruins after the campfire. But recently, Mountain Mike’s Pizza announced that they are going to reopen Paradise Restaurant. The franchise is Mountain Mike Paradise Restaurant, Paradise Bob. The company said that they are going to reopen it on Clark Road. But this time there are going to be some upgrades. These upgrades are made to lift the standard of the place.

Mountain Mike’s is one of the many restaurants that was destroyed in the wildfire of 2017. It was indeed a difficult time for the company,but they did not lose hope. They were determined to bring the restaurant back from the ashes. With undying determination, they managed to reopen the restaurant,which opened its doors on Friday. This is just a symbol of the city’s recovery.

They are hoping to give the community back what they had lost in the fire. It was their place to spend good times and create memories. As already mentioned above, the newly reopened restaurant has many changes which been incorporated for the better.

Mountain Mike’s was always more than just a pizza parlor. It was more like a commonplace for community gathering,whichwas taken away from the people. But they can once again get back to their old place and have a great time with their pals. 

Mountain Mike’s is the third restaurant to be opened after the wildfire. They are slowly reviving the community. It may take some time,but they are not giving up.

The new Paradise restaurant is remodeled with the brand’s décor. It has a bar top setting and a great ambiance. This is the perfect place for all the beer lovers as they have 12 taps for beer.

In a press release, Dickert said that the community is shaken from these terrible fires. Because of these devastating fires, the future of the town is left in question. It is filled in uncertainty. Dickert said that they were determined to rebuild the town. They will not give up on their beloved town although they are facing many challenges that are not going to stop them from bringing their city back to life.

Dickert also added that for Decades Mountain,Mike Paradise restaurant has served the people in the area. It has been a staple for them. Therefore, they are going to put in every effort to bring it back. They are going to establish something even better than the last time. They will reopen the restaurant with several upgrades to give a better experience to the people. The reopening of the burnt down restaurant is a symbol of the promise they have made. They are looking forward to welcoming their guests with open arms once again.

The newly reopened restaurant is located at 6626 K Clark Road. It stays open from 11 am to 9 pm in the night. This is the perfect place for all beer and food lovers. For anyone who wants to know more about the restaurant can visit their official page They have all their information fetched on the site.

Dickert said that Paradise is more than just a business place to them. Before business, it is family to them. They are excited about the reopening of the Paradise restaurant after the ugly incident. They are all set to serve the community. Paradise restaurant serves as a place where the community can gather to make new plans and memories. They also plan for a brighter and bigger future of the place.