Dominos to introduce automatons for their delivery

Dominos is one of the leading pizza delivery companies out there. The company has been in this field for long. It has always been identified for its innovations. They are coming up with some new advancement that will make ordering and delivering pizza easier.

As you may already know, Domino’s Pizza is dependent on delivery drivers for reaching their pizza out to the customers.

It completely makes sense that the company is trying to come up with and better ways of delivering pizzas. They are now trying to bring in custom robots to deliver their pizza. There is an upcoming test in Houston of a custom-built robot car.

Dennis Maloney, the chief digital officer, said at a media event in Ann Arbor that this is going to be the expected future of their company. If they are successful in their quest, then it’s going to change their entire business model. It will also change the cost to a great extent. But it will solve the problem of getting new delivery drivers. The company had to face a lot of difficulties in getting new delivery drivers. Not to mention that the minimum wage is also rising. But with this autonomous vehicle, everything can be taken care of.

With the rise of the other delivery services like Grubhub, UberEats, and doors, delivery drivers keep switching from one job to another. This makes it even more difficult for the company to get new delivery drivers. As a result, Dominos has to face the increasing demand in the rush hour. Not just that, but continuously rising wage is also a problem.

According to reports, the first delivery robot will start operating out in Houston. This will take place by the end of this year. If this is successful, then it can solve the problem of expensive human drivers forever. The robot delivery vehicle is designed and created by Nuro, which is a robotics company based in California. It was founded by two former employees of Google. They have managed to create a small footprint design to haul pizza delivering companies, including Dominos.

These delivery robots are powered by electricity. Not just that, but they are designed to deliver pizzas for a whole day without you having to recharge it. Customers will be notified as soon as the bot arrives at their doorstep. They are then required to type in the access code, and it will allow you to take your food. The vehicle is light in weight and is meant, especially for delivering pizza only. It is just the size of a golf cart with 25 mph.

Maloney informed that franchisees have agreed to bring in the automatons to avail of their services. This is for their betterment as they no longer have to deal with delivery driver issues and crises.

Maloney also added it has always been a very difficult situation to get more delivery drivers. They keep switching from one job to another, which is, of course, the most difficult part to deal with. But with the help of these automatons, they can now take off the load. The new technology is appreciated by the franchisees. They are quite excited about it. This is one of its kind. These automatons are soon going to be put in service.

It is very important to work on the customer-robot interface. One of the important things of this test run in Houston is to check the customer interface. It is important to know how customers are reacting to the new robot technology.

This is not the first time that Dominos is trying out self-driving vehicles for their delivery. But this one is surely the most promising.