A Dough-raiser for Savannah AMBUCS

We all must have heard about monetary fundraisers, but have you ever heard about a pizza raiser? Well, it might sound funny, but this is what Jake Wallace of WTOC has carried out recently at the Savannah Donatos pizza.

A “dough” raiser?

To make it more attractive for the donors, this event was named as a “dough raiser” by the community heads and Jack Wallace of WTOC. This fundraiser was carried out to help finance various specially-abled children from the Savannah AMBUCS to take part and be on par with other children.

How was the fundraiser commemorated?

All the community members and Jake Wallace came together to celebrate this fundraiser, and Donato's Pizza volunteered to become a prime member of this project. Most of the donors were generous enough to contribute a handsome amount of money for the betterment of these specially-abled children at the Savannah AMBUCS center. Apart from this, the senior leadership at the Donatos pizza has also declared that 20% of all the sales during that particular day will be donated to the Savannah AMBUCS, and this announcement was greeted with lots of cheers from all the members of the community.

When asked about the event, Jack Wallace, who is the Sporting Director of WTOC, said that when he was approached with this idea, he felt an instant connection with the project and was ready to be a part of it right from that point of time. Once all the documentation and requirements were fulfilled, Jack Wallace came on to the field and advertised to all the residents of the community about this brilliant fundraiser event.

He also said that the main aim behind this fundraiser is to encourage those specially-abled children at the Savannah AMBUCS center so that they can take parts in various sporting events and become a leader shortly generations.

What is Savannah AMBUCS?

Savannah AMBUCS is a nongovernmental organization that does not work for any profits or monetary finances. Established in the year of 1941, Savannah AMBUCS has been a leader in the field of the betterment of various specially-abled children and has helped with their medical treatment and other mobility and independence issues. Cited as one of the best NGOs for the specially-abled children, Savannah AMBUCS has been conducting various fundraisers every year to raise money for the betterment of these specially-abled children.

Leading Members of this Fundraiser event

The most important personal and the face of this innovative fundraiser event was Jack Wallace from WTOC. Being a sports director, Jack Wallace has always been excited by various sporting events, and his interest can be seen from the fact that he is an ardent follower of numerous sports and has been encouraging sports as a daily subject for most of the schools in Savannah and Georgia. So, once he got the opportunity to become the face of this fundraiser event, he gave his best to increase the turnout of the event as high as possible. He has been working individually and has been meeting every individual of the community to take part in this fundraiser event and donate as much as possible for the well being of those unfortunate children, who have been suffering from such mobility issues right from their childhood.

Jack Wallace on Donatos Pizza

When asked about his motive, he commented that he dreams of making these children competitive in the market and also wants them to take part in various sporting events and other physical activities according to their physical conditions. He has also taken out his precious time to congratulate and express his gratitude towards Donatos pizza for their kind gesture and such lovely generosity.